Thursday, 15 April 2021

A cave scribbling

I had the pleasure of listening to Ricky Gervais describe Twitter as the internets toilet wall. It certainly looks like one every time I delve into it. What is even stranger is the Media uses tweets to create articles for people to read. Can you imagine 20 years ago a reporter writing an article on some malformed graffiti?

These are the days of our lives.

Anyway, here I sit chiselling away on my cave wall. There is a correlation between when I harangue people to read these musings and subsequent page impressions. There was also a lot more people visiting when I was prostituting myself on Facebook. 

But those days are gone. I am excited about the relaunch of my little trove. It will be better optimised. Much like version 44 of me. I am somewhat lighter, wiser and more alluring. Largely this experiment was to create enough material for a book or to ensnare a benefactor.

Certainly the last three years I have gravitated in some interesting circles. Impressions have been made. 

If you write it. They will come.