Thursday, 29 April 2021

Rolling with It

I have had a few thoughts percolating since last Wednesday when I had the spontaneous cessation of my work-related duties and contract unfold about 4 hours before I was due to disembark. Typically in times past, when something awkward has happened I have let the thoughts and feelings bubble away until I have the right words to explain. Certainly, it was unexpected, and the explanation given did not reconcile with actions or relationships.

Anyway, it was a fraught few hours as I packed up my things and said a couple of goodbyes to the few people that knew. Boats are the oddest of workplaces. They are a fully operational functionally dysfunctional family. A strange sense of relief enveloped me as I said goodbye to my cabin and office. I realised this shock was actually quite a blessing. My only regret per se is that I didn't get to say goodbye personally in a manner that respects my ex=colleagues.

This year has been a good one for me. I have been able to rededicate myself to a few practices that I lost in the mire of child-rearing and related confusions. Challenges and unexpected change are really just opportunities disguised. 

COVID has changed yachting, I could count on one hand the times I have been on land in the last 3 months. Vaccines may change this but for the foreseeable, I will still be spending months of my year isolating which is where I am now. 

My ever-evolving strategy for isolation suffered a bit of a setback this week when I became ill enough to complain to everyone I communicated with.

Man flu.

I do not think I have corona the symptoms are not consistent, but I have been dealt a bit of an odd hand.

I arrived at my hotel on Monday and was tested in the evening. I did not receive the results for this test before I fell ill. Was tested again yesterday, and will be tested again today. But until I get an all-clear I am hotel room bound.

This in itself is not an issue, I have a lot of important things I need to accomplish including the trivial factor of deciding what I want to do for a job.

If I have learned anything in my time in this form I can have most things if I set my mind to it. But what do I want? that is the question. I have had some cursory glances at more traditional land-based jobs but given my unique talents and lack of formal qualifications, I would really have to approach a company and tell them to make a job for me. Is that arrogant? Probably, but it's also honest.

I shall spend the next 10 days thinking about this and other matters. You as always will be the first to know.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

A Special Message to my Email Subscribers

Hello dear readers.

It is terribly nice how you have continued to get Dan Email Digests after all of these years. I picture you sitting down each morning in slippers, grasping a warm cup of something and wondering how after clicking the spam button over ten years ago these still arrive.

This blog is having a refit at the moment and it has somehow coincided with the Feedburner service having a google funeral in July. But do not worry. The ever enterprising Web Propellor head in charge of the refit has a plan that involves a Mailchimp.

I am not sure how this migration will unfold but if you receive an email from a primate do not be alarmed. It is me. 

Thursday, 15 April 2021

A cave scribbling

I had the pleasure of listening to Ricky Gervais describe Twitter as the internets toilet wall. It certainly looks like one every time I delve into it. What is even stranger is the Media uses tweets to create articles for people to read. Can you imagine 20 years ago a reporter writing an article on some malformed graffiti?

These are the days of our lives.

Anyway, here I sit chiselling away on my cave wall. There is a correlation between when I harangue people to read these musings and subsequent page impressions. There was also a lot more people visiting when I was prostituting myself on Facebook. 

But those days are gone. I am excited about the relaunch of my little trove. It will be better optimised. Much like version 44 of me. I am somewhat lighter, wiser and more alluring. Largely this experiment was to create enough material for a book or to ensnare a benefactor.

Certainly the last three years I have gravitated in some interesting circles. Impressions have been made. 

If you write it. They will come.

Packing Heavy

At some juncture in my evolution, I became a heavy packer. I accumulate stuff without much effort. A perpetual snowball adding more layers as I march along this thing called life. Version 44 of the Daniel McConnell experiment should know better, but here I am 10 days before I leave Mexico beginning a pre-pack.

A pre-pack is packing away everything I will not need in the next while. For reasons that escape me, I brought A LOT of clothes with me. Actually, I know why I brought a lot of clothes with me. Dressing differently each day in Quarantine helps to alleviate the feeling of entrapment. But my work life is largely uniform and some exercise gear. Quite why I brought 4 pairs of shoes is another question. I have been on land fleetingly and I did not feel wrongly hooved. 

When one becomes ridiculously wealthy one has people to pack and unpack luggage. Each clothing item is steam ironed and hung. Accessories all find places and toiletries are organised. It's quite a process and as alluring as this sounds, I would find it very odd. I like most, find it strange to have someone take my suitcases at a hotel. Having someone pack and unpack for me would be embarrassing. 

My packing manifest reads a little like this.

Laptop bag. Laptop. Travel adapters. Mouse. Passport and documents

Carry on suitcase. DJ Mixers. Keyboard. Sampler. Headphones. Small Laser. Microphone. Webcam. Cables galore.

Large Suitcase. Clothes. Tools. Hats. Books. Torch. Sunglasses

Duffel bag. Large laser. Swiss ball. Yoga matt. Toiletries. Defuser. Essential Oils. Speaker. 4x Pairs of Shoes. Soft Toy Dog (spot).

To the untrained eye, this all appears absurd. 

Clearly, I am ready for the unknown and it is a heavy business.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Bubbles and Twists

In an undesirable plot twist my connecting flight from Australia to NZ has been cancelled with just over a week before I fly. There is just not a need for these anymore with the bubble between New Zealand and Australia on the way. This is sub optimal.

Luckily, the impending bubble has freed up a lot of quarantine capacity. So I will make alternate arrangements. I think I should be able to experience a wee bit of Mexico responsibly before I fly home. This will make my MIQ a little more tolerable and should garner a story or two. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Homeward boundish

I start my journey back to New Zealand in nine days.

The global pandemic which ebbs and flows has altered my natural work rhythm. Given we isolate when returning to work and some of us isolate when we return home. 8-week swings have become 12 weeks. An ex-colleague and old friend Sam labelled an Engineers capacity to solve problems as a f**k tank. Over 8 weeks the f**k tank gradually empties. To fill a f**k tank an Engineer must have time off or go home. 

My current work has been almost unreasonably busy. I have noticed a lot of my colleagues have had injuries, made uncharacteristic mistakes, been sick or emotional. A thick topical malaise permeates communal areas. I have counteracted this by keeping odder hours and minding my own business.  Luckily I shall be able to retreat to New Zealand shortly.

I do have a slight bother. The very same pandemic has caused my living arrangements to be changing in the near future. I really have not given this much thought at all. I know I will have two weeks to come up with a plan of sorts.

My eccentric retirement plan was to erect a tower to live in. A Wizards tower. With the automation of lighthouses and a dearth of modern siege warfare, the uncommon tower has become as scarce as the wearing of capes. Something I would like to rectify.

I am not sure I am quite ready to live in a tower just yet but l have written it down. We will see.

A Sweet Spot

I quite enjoyed looking at this palatial enclave.

Monday, 12 April 2021


About three weeks ago I made an investment in a dog with sunglasses. 

Hoge is a cryptocurrency. It is a community-driven deflationary meme token. What makes it interesting, is that each time a transaction is made a percentage of the total is destroyed and redistributed to the people holding Hoge. This is me doing my bit :-)

I have been impressed with the progress and roadmap for what appears on the surface something quite comical.

Do your own research.

I am not a financial advisor but I am a Hoge Millionaire. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I have enlisted the services of a very talented Webspinner to zhuzh things up around here.

Initially, I was going to use something like fiver and find some random person who could make some improvements but it turns out I had someone far more capable only a single degree of separation away.

I will introduce you to said person after we launch. 

Yesterday marked exactly 12 years of being away at sea for me. I went to sea to accumulate stories and accumulate them I have. 

I look forward to sharing some more on a new platform.