Sunday, 22 November 2020

Flight mode

I am a big fan of enabling flight mode when I am asleep.  My meditation teacher turns his entire wifi off when we do a check-in. There is research to suggest WIFI has an effect on the way your brain operates.  This weekend past I did something truly radical.

I used flight mode for a whole day. 

My rationale was this. It was large friends and family bbq. Everyone that was important to me was right in front of my face. Cataloguing the gathering would only serve me to take me away from it. The only problem I struck was only taking one phone but I did crowd source some from some of the attendees. 

Like their cancer-producing cousins' Cigarettes, I would hope cell phone use becomes like going outside for a cigarette. Germany has some interesting labour laws which make it impossible to receive work-related emails outside of work hours. Being instantly accessible does alter your immediate cognizance. 

If you are worried about missing an important call you could get the same result by disabling mobile data and wifi. You will still get phone calls.

I have a wedding to attend this Friday and I shall be doing the same. 

Monday, 9 November 2020

Boiling Frogs and other Nonsense

Early into 2019 I really felt like I had clocked life. Then like all good movies something went wrong. 

In the process of things going wrong, I learned a lot about life and myself in general.

I had my DNA sequenced. Sadly there were no strands of Alien DNA but I can categorically say I am 51% Western European this explains my affinity with parts of Europe I thought I had no connection with but could feel something. I am also 49% UK, Irish/Scottish/Welsh. No English, this explains why I find it *interesting* serving underneath them.

Anyway, during my spectacular birthday month, I was given some nail polish.

I used to wear nail polish about 20 years ago.

I got thinking could I get away with it at work if it matched the uniform.

Then I remembered if you want to boil frogs you do it slowly they dont even notice they are boiling alive.

On a Monday I painted my thumbs.

The next Wednesday I painted my little fingers.

And on the Friday I painted all my fingers.

Nobody said a word. 

There is nothing wrong about feeling different. How you express this is up to you. I have some good stories.

I have new living arrangements. I believe I have told all people close to me what has happened. If you have to know more you can email me.  

I am certainly enjoying having my own space. I guess I felt like a visitor at my old place.

Also, it is a sad fact that not many scientific discoveries have been found in a marriage. 

2020 has made me very aware of time and how I best use it.

Stay subscribed.

I am my Magnum Opus. 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

You are doing a good job.

One of my more favourite part of my daily rounds onboard is somewhat sarcastically and self deprecatingly tell people these simple words. 

That one still has a job in such perilous times is no mean feat. 

If I am talking to you. You probably have some experience in my cavalier disregard to most ordinances and social norms.  

If you are reading this it is probably doubly so  

You are doing a good job.

There is no user manual for life. Research and write your own.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

My Kingdom for an R2

 As precluded I have been finding my fingers a bit cumbersome these days. I have also been finding my bag a pain in the ass. Charging devices is a chore. Lugging a speaker is annoying, Carrying things, in general, is a chore. I would also like an AI that I can talk to where ever I am.

What I would like is a multipurpose mule who follows me about with all of the above an R2 unit basically.

I have also been finding driving a tad unfulfilling I am used to another department being in charge of Navigation. In the next five years, I want a self-driving lounge with face together seats and a place for my R2 to dock.

Bookmarked for posterity. 

To B1 or not to B2

During my many drives in the past three weeks, I did come up with a rough draft of the following. I do need a better method for taking notes. Pulling over to thumb my phone seems barbaric. Stay tuned.

One of my lesser-known bullet points on my Resume is a B1B2 U.S.A visa. This Visa allows me to enter and exit the USA for multiple periods for work and as a tourist. These typically last 10 years for a New Zealand citizen. My last one issued in Florence, Italy expired in October.

I did actually look at doing this twice in the middle of the year but COVID had other ideas.

The actual process is quite painfully traumatic at the start but relatively easy at the end. After telling a website my movements in and out of the USA for 10x years, employment history and a lot of superfluous information an appointment is booked. 

I had two cancellations before my live interview on the 20th of October. 

I went to this interview suitable attired and painted. I did have a good friend question my relative lack of toned downness but I did have a Trump card.

Well earned and a wee bit hard to discuss freely.

Also if there is one thing this administration has taught us. You can be very good looking and completely incompetent to pass as a civil servant. I freely identify with these traits on good and bad days.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Daddy Butler

In stolen moments during my time at home I have thought about the benefits of having a Butler. 

I spend half of the year not having to think about what I will eat or doing laundry. My sheets are ironed, fitted sheets folded and things are relatively easy. I think robotics will have arrived before I have to think about aged care but in the meantime, a real butler would be quite nice.

I then got thinking when I am solo parenting I am somewhat of a butler for the young master of the house.

A Daddy Butler. 

Dario finds this phrase hilarious and Daddy Butler was born.