Sunday, 2 August 2020

The Referral Post

Hello all.

We are living in a weird world. I am thankful that I have a job and things are reasonably stable but there are no guarantees.

Preface I am not a financial advisor but if you are interested in cryptocurrencies or saving money on foreign exchange I have a couple of referral links which will help me to help you. The crypto market appears very healthy at the moment with a positive future.

I use transferwise for any payments or subscriptions that are not in my home currency. This saves me money as the exchange rates banks use are not fair. Depending on where you live you can get a debit card as well. 

Crypto I have been using Dollar Cost Averaging every month for the past few years. I have a positive investment. 

I use EasyCrypto to purchase coins. Link

My favourite exchange for trading coins is KuCoin. They have a nice App and the security is top-notch. Link,

Sharsies. A very easy way to invest in the stock market. Sign up and you will get $15 free to invest.

If you want me to write more on my blog click those links and sign up. I have a few ideas one is titled boiling frogs which sounds a lot crazier than it is :-)

Monday, 27 April 2020



On Saturday the 11th of April I made the somewhat puzzling decision to return to work during a pandemic. I was told by my Captain I did not have to return to work.

Why did I run this Gauntlet?

In these strange times, I craved normalcy.

Being cooped up at home reminded me of being on board for a crossing, and after serving a mandatory week of hotel isolation and subsequent test I was in the best vessel for a crossing. A boat.

We are now in a stationary crossing for the foreseeable future. Work needs to be done and my 25 bubble buddies are the best company.

Like a crossing crew activities are a unifying morale boosting antitode for any malaise.

Since I have returned we have.

Done a group fitness class
Had a farewell cocktails and bbq for a departing crew member
Watched films
Made pottery
Played online games (counter strike still sucks)
Weathered a squall
Extensive Karaoke system tests
We even have a small crew gym which I will never complain about again.

Have I mentioned our 3 chefs?

Next week I am going to host a mystic evening. We will have a primal costume party. I am sure more things will be planned.

I always tell people our primary function is hospitality. Adversity makes people revert to core functions and we are doing great work.

Let alone just being able to work or being lucky enough to still have a job.

For all of this I am very grateful.

Thank you universe. My predictions of an incredible 2020 are in tatters but I am very thankful for my current trajectory.

What I wanted was home and home is where ones heart is.

Monday, 27 January 2020

How I deleted facebook #deletefacebook

It took about 9.5 months to delete myself from Facebook.

Luke Skywalker deleted Facebook on the same day. I am in good company. The original StarWars came out the year I was born. Somehow my sisters convinced our whole family to go. I lasted till Darth Vader and spent the rest of the time in the lobby.

I was an early adopter joining Facebook when it was important to say which school you were from.

I saw the rise of apps, advertisements and algorithms.

I wanted to delete my account when Cambridge Analytica broke. I had an inkling earlier that my time on Facebook was making me angry and sad.

I realised given my work I can talk to people with unfounded opinions pretty easily. I can also talk to myself about subjects I know little about.

I prefer Reddit if I am interested in a specialist topic. If I'm feeling crazy I dive into twitter. I am pretty convinced that most of the insane posts on twitter are bots.

I broke ties on the first of March. I had a relapse in October but that was it.

Things I missed.

Specialist groups that do not have an Instagram presence. I realise Instagram is owned by Facebook. I realise that over 10% of instagram is bots
Birthday messages. I received about 10 internet messages, something you will miss if you take the plunge.

How I deleted Facebook?

I personally messaged people I want to retain contact with my email address and contact phone number for signal.

I migrated my Facebook birthdays for my contacts a long time ago.

I backed up my entire Facebook account.

I read Permanent record by Edward Snowden.

If I have something really important to say I will say it in person if at all possible, then a private message or email.

I do actually enjoy talking to people and private messaging. It's more bespoke.

The final straw

Facebook is so addictive that when you delete your account if you log in within 30 days your account is enabled. This makes me think your data is always part of Facebook and is used in apps like Instagram.

I do not miss Facebook.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Thank you.

For the past six months I have been wading through a swampish malaise of discontent. Despite my blog or Instagram feed. I am an intensely private person. I tend to sit apart at social gatherings and am fond of letting people come to me.

However, my quagmire has left me to confide in people I trust. When broaching a tender subject it is hard to guage how a person will react. I am happy to say 99% of you have been very thoughtful and kind. I appreciate the checking in and empathy.

To you I thank.

You know I would do the same.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

RIP Rikki

2019 still wags it's tail.

Some sobering news today. One of my Chief Engineers passed away in Antarctica earlier this week.

Rikki was the first Chief who had been younger than me although you would not know it. He had a penchant for wearing some extravagant shirts. His knowledge of birds was second to none.

As an Engineer, Rikki was a fantastic Chief. A calm temperament, great knowledge and he actually got me doing watches underway and changing fuel filters. No small feat. He was also very good with morale. We had regular bonding sessions around a youtube campfire where libations may have been consumed.

We had a great day last year doing a 4x4 excursion in La Paz. I learned a great deal I am not sure he learned much from me.

On our last crossing together we spent many an hour in the Jacuzzi after work bemoaning the lack of alcohol listening to my music with Rikki punctuating with names of birds, migratory habits and diets. He really did know a lot about birds.

When we got to Antibes he started passing himself off as a yacht broker. He really did have some terrible shirts.

Rikki left us July of last year. He joined an expedition boat and was in Antarctica.

We still maintained a healthy amount of banter. On January the 2nd Thomas and I made this video for him.

Link Warning contains profanity, smoke and a rough accent.

Life is fleeting, I've always felt I will go out on my own terms but this is very sad. Rikki was just 33 years old. Choosing a life at sea does have an inherent risk. I think the saddest thing is if something goes wrong you may be very far away from your life at home.

I won't get into details on Rikki's passing. It doesn't seem real and we are all hurting in our own way. I am very sad for his young family and for everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

What I am happy about is that Rikki was loving Antarctica and the unique fauna.

Goodbye Rikki we shall be drinking out of box 222 for you later.

I am convinced the pain the world is in at the moment is the last death throws of 2019 and a 12-year astrological cycle. The new Chinese new year and 12-year procession will begin on the 25th of January. My birthday. Hang in there.