Friday, 23 December 2016

On Reddit?

Could you do me a Christmas favour? upvote this on reddit! I want to hit 500 listens before the end of the year. I am at 333 at the moment.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

We are all connected. So connect I did.

I have been indulging in an interesting experiment of sorts for the past few days.

I was VERY happy with my latest mix. Recording a mix is always a long process for me. Often I end up hating the songs or giving up. I hear problems. It is hardest for Anna who will hear me record and record again and again. She doesn't hear the things I do so thinks I am going mad.

So to do a mix in one go under a full moon was very satisfying.

Usually I do a quick Facebook post and it is lost under the deluge of news and other tasteless things.

So I set about private messaging people.

I have over 700 Facebook friends that I know personally. But given how algorthims work. I rarely see what they are up to and vice versa.

So I started messaging everyone I thought would enjoy the mix. The mix is actually a healing one of sorts. What really surprised me were the responses.

Christmas is a stressful time of the year for everyone.

To have someone personally message you with some kind words and something that love has been put into really makes people happy.

This makes me happy in turn.

I have spoken with people I have not talked to for years. Old fires. Computer Gaming Enthusiasts. Ravers from the dark ages. Work colleagues from offices. Sailors I faced mighty seas with. There are plans afoot for reunions. Parties. Festivities. Hugs. Cool stuff!

VCII&Lanit lest we forget.


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Happy New Year?

Had a crazy full moon day here. Worked like a loon. Threw this together at 10pm. Peak Full Moon.

The Full Moon was an interesting one as it was in Gemini. Mars(the power planet) was in Aquarius and Jupiter(lucky) was in Libra. This is an Air Sign Trifecta of some note.

The next time you hear someone moaning about Astrology. Put your headphones on and listen to this.

There is something very cool about London. You can hear quality music an all of the places you would not expect it. Ubers. Public Transport. Shops. Supermarkets. Heady stuff.

I turn 40 next year so cuarenta is up next

Sunday, 2 October 2016


For those of you not connected by social networking/

Anna and I have our first baby on the way. He is due on the 17th of October.

I made a mix to celebrate his coming.

You can listen here.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jet Lag and Long Haul Travel Tips


I know its been a long time between drinks but I have been busy. You probably have been as well.

Since I do a lot of flying I often get asked for advice.

This is an easily digestible list of tips.

*If you are in economy class book a special meal. This will allow you to eat early and also use the loo/brush teeth before everyone else does. This means you get get to sleep early. For breakfast service it means you can brush your teeth ect well before the rush.
* Have a pen in your man bag under your seat. This allows you to fill out your immigration card without having to find/borrow a pen or get into your carry on luggage.
* Pack charger and a USB cable for your phone/tablet in your carry on. The USB chargers built into seat are only 1amp so charge a bit slower than a wall point charger.
1above is the best product for supplementing jetlag. I take it every hour when flying. I also make sure I have some for the next couple of mornings after I arrive. I also get some for my return flight as some backwards countries don't sell it.
* If travelling for work. Be kind to yourself for the first few days if you can. Don't expect much. Don't schedule any crazy projects/meetings. Not always easy when it is a business trip.
* When packing carry on think about how easy it will be to remove your laptop/items for security screening. I find backpacks better than laptop bags.
* When dressing for your trip. Think about removing shoes with laces/belts/hats/watches. If you don't have to wear a watch/belt/hat/lace up shoes don't. If you think you can win an upgrade by dressing nicely take the gamble.
* Avoid using the pouch in the seat in front of you for important items. You might leave something in there.
* When in transit don't use the travelators. Not only is it faster but its good for your legs to do as much walking as possible.
* If you don't have anything stronger. Karl Pilkington is still the best sleep aid.
* Copy your travel/itinerary to your smart phone as well as your passport. I use evernote.
* Be nice to the flight attendants. Don't lose your temper with TSA.
* When queueing for security screening queue in the queue with the most suits. People in suits are used to having liquids in bags, pulling out laptops ect so the queue should be quicker.

Happy Flying!