Thursday, 25 March 2010

Leaving Las Vegas sans Bars, Strippers and Casinos,

Our exit from Abu Dhabi had just as much comical energy as our entrance. We said good bye to our Kiwi ship yard and headed towards the dreaded Abu Dhabi commerical port to get our passports stamped and exit.

Upon arrival we were told that our fuel trucks from Dubai had been barred entry to Abu Dhabi and we would have to go to Dubai. Luckily this time we had not prematurely celebrated. Dubai did not want us straight away, they even tried to make us wait twelve hours.

Dubai commercial port was even less interesting than Abu Dhabi. We did get to see the currently largest Super Yacht in the world, Dubai.

We have bigger lines.

We had a productive day in Dubai and at about 7:30pm we were rounded up and driven to customs to get our exit visas. Immigration offices are always very clinical affairs. We livened things up with El Fuerte attacking a coffee machine.

We also rammed ourselves into a passport photo booth and made like giggling Japanese schoolgirls to take this masterpiece.

That is Uncle Phil, Anna, El Fuerte and myself.

We did leave Dubai and the Emirates for the Maldives but that is another tale..

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