Saturday, 13 February 2010

We are close to New Zealand!!!!

A sad April fools a few months early. Our GPS freaked out today and we travelled 24,000 nautical miles and ended up in the Pacific tantalisingly close to New Zealand.

Fuck New Zealand is awesome. I have been giving New Zealand a bit of thought recently. We are going home in a couple of months for much needed friends and family time. Spending Waitangi day in the middle of the Suez canal was odd.

El Fuerte has been taking a few photos. Here is a good one of me celebrating Waitangi day doing my favourite cleaning task. Polishing stainless steel.

I would never wear a cap backwards, but what the hell it was Waitangi day after all.

So we are on the way to our convoy rendevous. We have met boats going the other way so that is a good sign. I am sure things will work out sweet. We have two security dudes on board who are going to keep us safe. We have El Fuerte and we have two New Zealanders.

Bring it.
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