Saturday, 23 January 2010

Macking in Malta

A quick recap with helpful bullet points for the powerpoint generation.

  • Leaving on Italy on Tuesday turned into leaving Italy on Wednesday.
  • We had mental weather.
  • We had 40 knots blowing up our ass from Sicily .
  • Our engine room recorded a 26 degree roll.
  • At one point we did 22 knots down a wave(top speed for RoMa is 17)
  • We spent the second night anchored next to some fish farms because the port entrance looked like the bottom of Niagara falls.
  • Uncle Phil and I may have said "it was nice knowing you" to each other at one point.
  • I got ordered to have a beer last night. I always obey captains orders.

We are now berthed in the Grand Harbour Marina. We have a few days of serious work ahead of us. I think there might be some serious exploring and not so serious merry making in order as well.

View from my office window for the next week or so.