Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Deckhands Log #7 Back to the France

First off let me apologise for not having updated my blog in over a week.

I did take the precaution of loading up my internet key with 40 euros worth of internet time before we left Italy. Unfortunately the French resistance taxed my internet time so I ended up with following for my investment.

1 Email check
1 Small face book session
1 Internet banking session

International roaming charges are incurred at 2 euros a megabyte. That is quite steep.


For the last week we have been anchored about half an hour away from Monaco. The trip here was good in that I loaded up on sea sickness tablets and was not violently or even peacefully ill.

We have had two temporary crew members for two weeks. They are both from England and it has been nice to banter about in my mother tongue.

They are both characters and have earned a couple of nick names.

The first; Deckhand/Engineer has been named Prince Malcolm or the Deckhand formerly known as Prince.


He has an almost regal bearing. He went to school with the heir to the throne of Dubai and it is where Prince Charles was schooled.

Malcolm loves Sail Boats and loves talking about them. Almost all of his work place talk is peppered with the following conjunctions.

Sail boats are cool because.....

On Sail boats ......

We do this on Sail boats......

The second is our First Mate. We have named Hulk.

Hulk shares my cabin and has been a fount of knowledge. He has been very good at getting us organised and going to leave me a list of things to do when he laves. I think he suspects I am lonely here on account of all the talking I do.

The Hulk earned his nick name through a series of actions.

Firstly our stewardess noticed his pants are often almost falling down.


Secondly the Stewardess noticed he has been rupturing his trousers.

Thirdly he announced he had split his pants and he had no underwear on.

Quite the character is our Hulk.

Anyway our days have been spent getting the boat ready for potential buyers and ferrying people to the boat from ashore.

I have been taking a lot of photos whilst I have been working. Something the Hulk is secretly proud of.


Sunrise at Beaulieu


Children Sailing school

One of my cooler tasks this week was taking a swim in the pristine waters to scrap sea growth off our underwater lights and the swim platform.


I also had to swim to cut a line off a tenders propeller. I am getting paid to swim. I am a professional swimmer!

On Wednesday morning I went with our Captain to Monaco itself to get some mail and brochures.


The Monaco maritime museum


Shot of the Maltese Falcon. Check it out on Wikipedia. Quite a Yacht.


Leaving Monaco we followed a small Sub. All I could think was Nemo.......

Other highlights of the week at anchor were.

Spending half an hour coloring in a book with a little girl named Anastasia. She was quite the artist for an almost three year old. I am getting paid to play with kids. I am a professional nanny.

Being named Knots McConnell on my inability to perform knots in a timely fashion when my Captain is watching. That being said, I now know three more knots thanks to Prince and Hulk.

Going out for a couple of quiet Long Island iced teas. Returning back to the boat under the cover of darkness. Quietly drinking a couple of Gin and Juices and being called a herd of elephants in the morning by our illustrious Captain.

Learning a lot of new stuff including how to pay out an anchor using winches and a lot of useful deck tricks. Apparently working on a Super Yacht can make you OCD. Look out friends I am turning OCD!

Enjoying France not being unemployed, it is actually quite a beautiful place when you are not worrying about where you are going to sleep next week.

Currently we are in France. We are heading back to Viareggio tomorrow morning. Anna and I will be flying to Paris on Saturday. We are going to spend four nights there and three nights in London