Monday, 3 August 2009

Baffling Mens Wallet Designs

I hope I am not alone in this but I do have a confession to make.

I find most mens wallet designs woefully inadequate. The crux of the problem is not in the note storage, personal identification compartments or even business card sleeves. The problem is all in the change.

Typically mens wallets have a small pocket which after you have a few business cards and coins becomes hard to access and takes the skin off your fingers if you try to find a coin. Exacerbating my plight are the helpful shop keepers of Italy who are always trying to get coins out of me so I can keep my precious notes.

Work arounds include carrying coins loose in your pockets. Carrying loose coins in your man bag. Carrying loose coins in your hands. This is not ideal. To this end I propose.......

The man purse!

The man purse is shaped like a small shopping till. Its large calcuator front allows you to punch in your desired legal tender. It then dispenses the notes and coins with the grace of a well oiled bank teller.

Sound outlandish ?

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