Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dragon Star Sign August

This is perfect. Bring on the monkey month!

This Monkey month is just up your street! Dragons are enlivened by the antics of the Monkey who, bye the bye, approves of the you and admires your majesty. There's nothing you and your ego like more than having your majesty idolized... so this month promises to be a high point in the year for you. Work should be moving ahead swimmingly as you may be taking the lead on new projects and seeing them through. You ought by now to have settled into something of a routine and got used to the rapid pace which flummoxed you at first. The most telling thing about this month of August for you Dragons is the huge hint that you will be sent on a smashing voyage somewhere exotic and brand new to you. Could be your work will take you to Dubai or Singapore or even to some mysterious venue you never thought you would have the chance to visit in your lifetime. Could be temples or medieval castles or wild animals will be present in your August 2009. The signs are there. You will travel- and it will be exciting. At the start of the year when you were keeping such a low profile and not having much walloping fun, I don't think you expected the year to evolve as favorably as it has. Much of course has to do with your superb ability to make things happen, not lose face or confidence and carry through on the promises you make.

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