Friday, 13 April 2007

The Clickless Mouse

I was clicking away the other night as you do. My beautiful wife was in a what I thought deep sleep and lo and behold after a few sly drags and clicks I was admonished.


I was caught. A newly roused female is a frightening creature at the best of worst times and stumped was I. What to do? Try it yourself, try navigating this very page without making loud clicks. Its impossible!

So I went off and stewed and then got thinking. Why don't mouse manufacturers make mice which don't make any noise? Mice for the thoughtful browser such as I. Something to ponder. Please comment if you have any solutions

Monday, 9 April 2007

Fixing Talk Back Radio

I am sure all of you at some point have had the misery of listening to talkback radio .Frequent listeners and contributors to talkback radio can be pronounced brain dead and it is my theory that if you amplified the sound of enough talkback radio stations you could in affect create enough anti-itdoesntmatter to destroy the fabric of the universe.

My solution is simple it its approach and should play its part in reconstructing life as it could be.

-Say something good about something

Well isn't that a mullet to the head? It is a sad statistic shared by talk back luminaries like Murray Deaker that his phones are dead when New Zealand win at cricket but are overflowing when we lose. A changing social construct has left people with less people to confide in so we leap on the phone to piss and moan. Ideally this can be absorbed by a kind pair of ears but instead it is broadcast on multiple sets of ears one way.

Talkback never was a meaningful communication medium it is mass therapy which breeds fear insecurity and doubt.

But in saying this aren't I just moaning like the people I bemoan? Well no because.

Provide a Solution

If you are going to comment on something suggest an alternative and say something good about something. Through communication lies the future of our existence and radio provides a great forum for future Philisophical Philanthropy